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First District Court of Appeal
2000 Drayton Drive.
Tallahassee, Florida

(850) 487-1000 main

(850) 488-6151 clerk's office

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ADA Information


The First District Court of Appeal’s Prudential–Davis Productivity Award winning iDCA /eDCA project was chosen as one of the Davis Award’s Top 25 Adaptable Achievements.  These 25 achievements were selected from all Davis Award winning applicants in the 25 year history of the awards program.  Each award recognizes and rewards employees of state government for creating and implementing cost saving initiatives.  Since the awards program was initiated in 1989, it has recognized the innovations and productivity improvements of state employees meriting over 8.1 billion dollars in cost savings, cost avoidances, increased revenues, and added value to the State of Florida.

For more details about the iDCA/eDCA project and the Prudential-Davis Productivity Award’s Top 25 Adaptable Achievements, please visit this link:






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