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First District Court of Appeal


Florida Department of Management Services
Department of Financial Services et al.

12/06/2012OrderGrant Miscellaneous Motion-79
12/04/2012MotionMiscellaneous Motion
12/03/2012MotionMot. for Extension of time to file Initial Brief
12/03/2012OrderMiscellaneous Order-200
12/03/2012OrderGrant Motion to Consolidate-All Purposes-75A
11/30/2012MotionMot. for Extension of time to file Initial Brief
11/20/2012OrderSC Why Cases Should Not Be Consolidated-130a
11/02/2012BriefReceived Records
11/01/2012EventMiscellaneous Docket Entry
10/22/2012EventMiscellaneous Docket Entry
10/09/2012EventMiscellaneous Docket Entry
09/28/2012EventDocketing Statement
09/25/2012NoticeNotice of Appeal Filed
09/25/2012OrderOrder Appealed
09/25/2012LetterAdministrative / Acknowledgement letter
09/24/2012NoticeNotice of Appeal Filed