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                                                               Date:  June 26, 2000


                                                            Administrative Order 00-1

                              In re:  Fees for Duplication of Oral Argument Sessions on CD-Rom




This court's method for duplication of a case heard by oral argument is copying the electronically stored audio and video of the oral argument to a CD-ROM.  The fee for duplication of an oral argument case on CD-ROM will be $25 per oral argument case.  Cases  consolidated for oral argument  will be considered one case.  If more than one CD is required to duplicate a case, the fee for each additional CD will be $10.  Advance notice of at least three business days is required to prepare the CD-ROM, and the fee for duplication is required in advance.  Those requesting that the CD(s) be provided by mail must provide a self-addressed return envelope appropriate for mailing a CD and containing the correct postage.

Witness the Honorable Edward T. Barfield, Chief Judge of the District Court of Appeal, First District,  and the Seal of said Court, at Tallahassee, Florida, this 26th day of June, 2000.

I HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing is (a true copy of ) the original court order.





Jon S. Wheeler, Clerk


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