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First District Court of Appeal
2000 Drayton Drive.
Tallahassee, Florida

(850) 487-1000 main

(850) 488-6151 clerk's office

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The link to the First District Court of Appeal Opinions Feed is:


This Feed is specifically oriented to the information needs of the legal community and will include notifications about opinion releases.

Once you install an RSS News Reader, you will need to tell it to monitor this webspage and tell it how often to do so. Notice that if you open this page in a Browser, you will see only the special coding that Readers know how to monitor and interpret correctly.

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To start using the First District Court of Appeal Feed, you need to download an RSS News Reader (sometimes called a news "aggregator") that displays RSS content. To download a free reader you can perform a Google search for News Readers. An example of a free reader is www.rssreader.com.


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