Briefs for Appeals Scheduled for Oral Argument

OA Date Case No.
11/06/19 18-4818 Jack P. Kotlarz Wendy W. Kotlarz
10/24/19 18-0039 Tuong Vi Le Colonial Freight Systems, Inc., a foreign corporation, et al.
10/16/19 18-4797 Covenant Hospice, Inc. Agency For Health Care Administration
10/16/19 18-3909 Covenant Hospice, Inc. Agency For Health Care Administration
10/15/19 18-1172 Mario Larrigui-Negron State of Florida, Agency For Health Care Administration
10/15/19 18-2086 State of Florida Anthony Petagine
10/15/19 18-2215 State of Florida Luke Kluttz
10/15/19 18-4833 State of Florida Rachel Lynn Scharlepp
10/03/19 19-1089 County of Volusia, Philip T. Fleuchaus and T. Wayne Bailey Ron DeSantis, Governor of the State of Florida, and Laurel M. Lee, Secretary of State of the State of Florida
09/19/19 19-0928 Governor Ron DeSantis, in his official capacity as Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board of Education; State of Florida; et al. Alexis S. Geffin, Ryan J. Geffin, Thomas A. Warren, Kathleen Villacorta, and the Symphonic Band of the Palm Beaches, Inc.
09/18/19 19-0172 Phillip Rogers Jacksonville Sheriff's Office/ City of Jacksonville Risk Management
09/18/19 19-0227 State of Florida, Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles James Hightower
09/18/19 18-0874 Christopher Jason Traffanstead State of Florida
09/18/19 18-2318 The Prestige Gallery, Inc., M. Craig Hornsby, et al. Edward F. Napleton, Napleton's Tallahassee etc. et al.
09/17/19 18-4043 R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Charles Bush
09/17/19 18-4753 Thomas Home Corporation Grande Oaks Farm-1st Addition Homeowners Association, Inc.
09/17/19 18-4138 Jerome Jermaine House State of Florida
09/17/19 18-3156 Karissa Senopoulos Harry C. Senopoulos, II In Re: Estate of etc.
09/17/19 18-4057 Rosella Wilcox Michael Neville
09/17/19 19-0223 Andrew Johnson Brevard County Board of Commissioners/ Preferred Governmental Claims Solutions
09/17/19 19-0562 Randy and Virginia Basner Brett Bergdoll, Jason Bergdoll, and Dara Bergdoll
09/12/19 17-4561 Capital Health Plan Timothy Moore
09/12/19 18-0308 Stanley Jaboin State of Florida
08/19/19 18-2613 Florida Elections Commission John B. Riley
08/13/19 19-0573 Eugene McDonald City of Jacksonville
07/24/19 18-4306 Lee Blue Roderick Weinert and New Frontiers, LLC d/b/a Turn-Key Jax
07/16/19 18-3095 Classy Cycles, Inc. Panama City Beach
07/16/19 18-4674 Ocala Breeders' Sales Co., Inc. Calder Race Course Inc., Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering, and Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' Association, Inc., et al.
07/16/19 18-4660 Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' Association, Inc., d/b/a Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' and Owners' Association Calder Race Course, Inc., and Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Division etc.
07/16/19 18-3141 Jose Oliva, in his official capacity as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives; Bill Galvano, in his official capacity as President of the Florida Senate; et. al. Florida Wildlife Federation, Inc., Florida Defenders of the Environment, Inc., et al.
07/15/19 18-0687 Rep. Larry Metz, Rep. Thomas J. Leek, Rep. David Richardson, Rep. Larry Ahern, Rep. Jason Brodeur, Rep. Cord Byrd, Rep. Robert Cortes, Rep. Kimberly Daniels, Rep. Tracie Davis, et al. Mat Media, LLC, and Charles "Pat" Roberts
07/15/19 18-1996 Bryan Lowther and Kelsey Lowther Timothy D. Lucey and Kristina M. Lucey
18-1455 Sophia Brinson and Andric Rasher Consolidated City of Jacksonville, a Municipal Corporation, and Florida First Coast Softball, Inc., etc.
18-3617 Kathgret R. Rentz State of Florida
19-1385 Silvestre Andres Dominguez South East Personnel Leasing, Inc./Packard Claims Administration, Centerline Directional Drilling Service, Inc./Lion Insurance
18-4994 The Florida House of Representatives Florigrown, LLC, Voice of Freedom, Inc., Florida Department of Health, etc., et al.
18-3674 Denise Johnson Yon, Wife Terrell Edward Yon, Husband
18-4788 Northeast Florida Public Employees, Local 630, Laborers International Union of North America AFL-CIO City of Palm Coast
18-5243 LFI Ft. Pierce and ESIS WC Claims Dewayne Holmes, Blue Goose Growers LLC/ FFVA Mutual Insurance Company
18-4406 Edna Hernandez Food Market Corp. dba Joseph's Classic Market and AmTrust North America of FL and Associated Industries
19-0845 Trinet HR Corp., and Trinet HR Corporation/Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc., Commerce & Industry Insurance Co. Minnie Smith
19-0863 Phyllis A. Crispin Orlando Rehabilitation Group D/B/A Clermont Nursing & Rehab Center/Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
18-2854 Nancy Pannell Escambia County School District and Risk Management Services, Inc.
18-4622 L3Harris Technologies, Inc. State of Florida, Department of Management Services, and Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Filings in writ petition cases scheduled for oral argument can be found here.