e-Filing Resources


In an effort to better serve those who have official business with the Court the First District Court of Appeal has developed an electronic portal for use by attorneys and the public to access and file documents regarding cases.  This web-based application is called eDCA and is available as a link through the 1stDCA website (www.1dca.org) as well as directly at eDCA.1dca.org .

The eDCA application is now publicly available and required for all filings by attorneys.

In addition to providing a convenient portal for the transmittal of all filings with the court the eDCA application provides additional benefits to its users:

  • Convenient access to any public, digitized document (as available) in cases where you are listed as an attorney or party of record.
  • Electronic service of court orders, opinions, mandates and acknowledgement letters.
  • Access to electronic copies of available briefs in cases in which an attorney is NOT the attorney of record.

How-to Guides for the use of eDCA

In order to allay any concerns about the use of the eportal, the Court has prepared a number of How-to guides referencing various new procedures. Please read through these guides to get a better grasp of how eDCA might affect your workflow.

Guide Index: (click a title)

Feedback from our Users

eDCA is designed for you, the lawyer or party of record, who has important business with our court. We know that no technology application can be designed effectively in a vacuum. We want feedback from you as to your likes and dislikes of the system. Our software development group can be contacted at ecourt@1dca.org and is very interested in any constructive feedback you might have. Your suggestion may find its way into a future addition to eDCA.