Registering for eDCA 

This secure system will be open to anyone who desires to register for access. Each registrant will have access only to documents in cases for which they are listed as a attorney/party. The registration process is simple and straight‐forward. If you are not yet registered simply click on the “Registration” link on the eDCA webpage. Simply fill out all the required information noting that the e‐mail address and password you provide will be your login credentials for all future access to the site. You are responsible for the security of your password.

After submitting the information your registration will become active after it has been reviewed by the court. Upon full activation you will receive an e‐mail at the address you used to register. You will then have access to the available documents for any case where you are listed as a party. Additionally, you will have access to file documents of approved types in those cases. Initially, only briefs, petitions, responses to petitions, replies to petitions, and appendices to these documents may be e‐filed in this manner but in the future the accepted e‐filings will be expanded to  allow additional filing types.  

Register for eDCA